Credit Solutions

Instant Screen

The automotive industry’s first pre-screen solution!

  • What if there was a way to know a prospect’s exact credit score and trade information BEFORE you started every deal?
  • And what if this ‘soft pull’ didn’t require a Social Security Number or affect your prospect’s credit, and all it took was a name and address?
  • And what if it only cost you a few bucks?

Would you sign up for it in an instant?

Instant Screen is the automotive industry’s first pre-screen solution. Start every deal right, every time!

When you begin your sales process with Instant Screen, saving time and maximizing profit is guaranteed! 

Instant Screen

  • Instantly know the prospect’s credit score.  Are they a prime, near-prime, or sub-prime buyer?  Do they qualify for your best lease programs?  Instant Screen takes the guesswork out of quoting payments.  It also tells you if they have been shopping for a vehicle in the last 30 days.
  • Instantly know the details of their current auto loan and potential trade with a free Auto Summary included with every Instant Screen.   What is the Term, Remaining Term, Payment, Amount, % of Loan Paid, Late Payment History?  All this information and more is available instantly with Auto Summary. 

Instant Screen is the automotive industry’s first and best credit pre-screen product.  Developed jointly by TransUnion and Dealer Marketing Services, the makers of ProMax Unlimited, Instant Screen is a powerful tool that enables you to put your customer on the right vehicle and the right payment right away.