ProMax Unlimited Courses

Get the most out of your ProMax Unlimited selling system - Sign up today  for online training for your dealership personnel.  ProMax Online training has many advantages for your dealership:

Convenience, Cost, Time

Training online means that both you and your employees can learn without needing to leave the workplace; they can fit training around their workload, and repeat areas that they find difficult. This means they will learn more, training will be much more efficient, and hours of work lost while training will be fewer (reducing costs).

Online training allows you to access a course when it is convenient for you. This flexibility allows you or your employees to repeat or redo sections that you do not understand or would like to check up on. It also allows new employees to catch up on old training without the need to take everyone through it again.

ProMax Unlimited training classes consist of a selection of 1/2 hour or 1 hour online training modules.

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