why ProMax

"ProMax provides great leads, great customer service, and support!"

Bob Lever, Internet Sales Mgr. Valley Imports

"ProMax gives me the confidence to know I'm not going to miss any leads or have wrong data. "

Dave Morgan, Sales, Kerline Motor Co

"I really love your product it is great!!! "

Herman Mason, Internet, Payless Car Sales

"I really enjoy working with ProMax because it is straight-forward, simple, and user-friendly. I also like the security features it has to protect leads. I would recommend Promax to other dealerships also."

Lillian Hayman, Sales, Planet Mitsubishi of Hickory

"The CRM for ProMax makes car selling easier than ever. Doing follow up becomes an all access organized task that helps a salesperson maximize their day. I enjoy that it holds their new vehicle information as well as their trade in so I can refer notes and pick right back up on the next day with any leftover work. "

Ashley Harper, Sales, Yes Chevrolet

"I love ProMax! Such a user-friendly system. Makes it easy for me to stay organized and at the top of my game. Customer support is very helpful and well patient when there are any issues."

-Kyle Prange, Sales Rep, Rightway-Port Huron

"ProMax is my bible I can't Live without it... If Promax stopped I would Die on the inside I love Promax!!! I let the world of dealers know to use ProMax if you trying to stay up on leads and sale cars this is the messiah!!" Thanks Promax from the Johnson family.

-Jonathan Johson, Sales, First National Autos Fleet and Lease

"I really like the easy to use Format. I have brought it with me in the 3 Dealerships That I have worked in the last 25 Years. Great Product. "

Jim Kommers, GSM, Bushnell Ford Inc

"We think Promax is Great for a number of Reasons. Always had Great Service. We have your Website, Desking Tool and CRM. Desking tool works Great makes figuring a Lease so Easy."

Rick Shields, GM Shields Auto Center

"I absolutely love the new ProMax App. I am so excited for the integration of certain tools that will not only increase my lead connectivity but also my gross"

David Morgan, Kerlin Motors

"Ease of use: Integrated Email, Intuitive user interface, compatible with plethora of apps; VAuto, Carfax, Dealertrack, etc."

Los Medrano, Finance Manager Matthews Motors

"ProMax is extremely user friendly. I love how easy it is to submit deals to the bank with ProMax."

Ron Smith, F & I Director Oxendale Hyundai

"Because you make my job easier and make us more money!!"

-Pedro Sandoval Camarillo, Sales Rep Sunrise Chevrolet

"Ease of use and superior dealer support."

-Lonnie Blackburn, Principal Academy Cars

"Super easy system, helps maintain follow-up and inventory. Step by step process for credit apps and just new leads!!!"

Josh Slater, Sales Rep Raceway Ford of Darlington

"Everything is in one place. You can do everything so easily and see everything so easily! I have used 4 different crm's and this is is by far the best and easiest! #WhyProMax"

Marisa Centano, BDC Manager Ford Groves

"#WhyProMax- I have used them as a salesman and sales manager for the last 13 or so years and it is by far the BEST CRM out. We switched to vin solutions for a short time and realized why ProMax is the best! Customer for life!"

Matt Molton, Sales Manager Mansfield Buick GMC

"Your program is the best CRM that I have ever used in a car dealership in the past 4 years! The workflow is incredibly user friendly, and the inventory management is just about seamless. It really is the all-in-one tool that every car salesperson should have the opportunity to use!"

Dione Skidgel, BDM North Country Auto

"I love the diversity of the company. Also, the leadership of the employees. Thank you."

Taneesha Nailes, BDR Auto Giants Temple Hills

"I am sort of new to ProMax still since I haven't used it for more than 3 months but it is easy to navigate and the training videos were pretty clear which made it easier to learn and made me feel eager to start working. It makes working a lot more fun when you know what you are doing."

Jodie Bia, BDC Oxendale Hyundale

"I've been using Promax as my CRM and DMS for the last four years. Great technology and the customer service exceeds my expectations every time."

Mike Komander, GM Carite

"I have been with car sales for 23 years. Been in few new car dealerships and promax is far the easiest crm that I have encountered to learn in my lifetime in the car business. I have been at VA TRUCKS for two months and there was no learning curve, I picked up and used promax the first day that I was here. Easy peezy. I would recomend promax to any auto owner. thank you promax for helping me keep track of my customers."

Samuel Adams, sales consultant VA Trucks

"I appreciate the team work . I can submit issues or questions to one or two people, the buck is never passed, they just bring more people on to solve the issue faster. Your team doesn't just pass it on and forget about it... Thank you!"

Nicholas Marconi, Marketing Director Taylor Automotive

"ProMax is an amazing way to keep all client information safe and easily accessible for us here at the dealership. Extremely easy to navigate and with plenty of useful features that assist me daily in making appointments, following up with references, and closing deals."

Johnny Bravo, Sales Consultant Steve Coury Ford

"ProMax is great because it allows me to stay in touch with my customers easily. Also, it gives me the opportunity to remember what vehicle or vehicles my past customers were interested in and allows me to keep a good tab of what I have done with all my customers. ProMax also makes it very easy to set up appointments and makes it easy to stay in touch."

Ian Pratt, Owner Pratt Chevrolet Buick GMC

"ProMax has been my saving grace through more than one dealership I have worked at. The ease and functionality are by far the best on the market as far as CRM's go! And the staff at ProMax is truly like family! Bill & Joan are like picking up the phone and talking to your brother or sister!! Every dealership should GIFT themselves PROMAX for Christmas "

Margaret Maldonado, BDC Manager Midway Autohaus

"I have worked on several different systems and ProMax is so user friendly. Easy to input customers and find them when looking up. The reminders of activities is great also. When time is of the assents to get the customers approved and driving away in that new vehicle and the assurance that we will follow up after the sale. Value of the customers experience and they refer friends and family. It's a win, win, win.. Merry Christmas. Let's keep working together to build an empire"

Roberta White, Sales Consultant Car Choice of Greenbrier

"The ability to look at both used and new inventory on my phone is nice. The app is snappy."

Aaron Langworthy, Salesperson Green Buick GMC

"ProMax is easy to use and the best software around for CRM product systems that I have ever used. Affordable and highly recommendable. The support staff gives valuable assistance when needed as well!"

Joseph Hunter, Sales Associate Budget Car & Truck Sales of Columbus

"A product that maximizes gross and captures the entire process from lead acquisition, inventory, desking, and F&I and then generates owner level reports that enable micro measurement of every aspect of the variable operations that far exceed what any other product can offer"

Joe Kirby, Owner Adventure Auto Group

""I love how easy it is to go from store to store. It has a lot of features that I just everyday that makes my life easier as the director."

Helena Phillips, Internet Director Earnhardt

"I have been using ProMax for a few years and it is very easy to maneuver around the sight. Easy access to find a customer to know what type of car they purchased, who their salesman is quickly when someone calls in and can't remember. I do the letters and cards in the morning and it is a simple process. I am grateful for the few times I have had to have tech support, they were efficient in handling the issue and resolved it immediately. Kuddos to the whole ProMax team for giving us a great product to do our jobs efficiently and effectively. Thank you"

Debbie Ramey, Receptionist Supervisor Graham Auto Mall

"Having knowledgeable trainers that are able to help you solve issues and navigate Promax makes this a great, all-in-one system!"

Dean Itagaki, Finance Manager Kama'aina Motors

"I really enjoy using ProMax. It helps me manage the leads that come in to our location. I love the marketing that ProMax offers. The recall Tab is very useful. But the thing I enjoy the most about ProMax is the training modules, they show you basically everything you need to know step by step. So when I have question on how to create something in ProMax I go straight to the training modules."

Melody Hunter, Receptionist

"I flew out to see your CEO 17 years ago , I had a good feeling about ProMax after our meeting. I started up ProMax in approximately 60 new car stores and trained about 100 finance managers and sales reps. Everyone that I've trained is still using ProMax or say's it's the best CRM out there. Thanks ProMax from Blaise DiDonato"

Blaise DiDonato, Regional General Manager Joe Ricci Automotive

"ProMax is great because it allows me to stay in touch with my customers easily. Also, it gives me the opportunity to remember what vehicle or vehicles my past customers were interested in and allows me to keep a good tab of what I have done with all my customers. ProMax also makes it very easy to set up appointments and makes it easy to stay in touch."

Dawson Stoll, Sales Rep Green Buick GMC

First of all Sshannon is a rock star!!! She is always helpful and being a car guy she has always been professional and very helpful to all our needs and she keeps us informed about the latest info and roll outs that you have and we would not sell 1/2 as many car without ProMax keeping us sorted and straight and alwayas being their when we need you....Shannon Picolet is a great asset to promax and a huge asset for Paradise Motors from day one...Again I say Shannon rocks!!!!!

John Daly, GM, Paradise Motors

"What do I think is great about ProMax? That’s an easy one. They are a totally affordable, (even for a medium sized independent dealer like me) CRM deal making contract (money) printing company that have helped me make a lot of money over the past decade pretty awesome, right? But...that’s not what makes them great. They are superior for one huge reason, they are approachable...call them anytime for any kind of help, tech support, training, lead integration, printing issues, or just a shoulder to cry on- they answer the phone and begin solving your problems now-not later. Voice mail isn’t in their dictionary. I have never called and been put off. Their culture is to solve the issue right away, train now , not later. Try that with one of the corporate giants that charge 3-4 times as much. ProMax has MidWest manners and work ethics, I’m in for the long haul."

John Caudell Pre-owned Motor Cars

"I want you and the entire ProMax Team to know what a great help you have been in growing our business and pointing out practices that we were not aware of or lax in using. The entire staff has been very helpful, forthright and knowledgeable to all of our team. Our sales associates feel very comfortable in talking to the staff at ProMax when questions or concerns arise. The tools that ProMax provide are now a more valuable asset than ever before. When our customers are contacted by ProMax BDC in the early stages of the sales process, they are treated with extraordinary care. The questions that are asked to our customers are very helpful to our sales team for follow up and are easy to join in in the text or email conversation. I have had a few customers that when they come in want to meet Peggy. The connection with a customer in early stages have set us up for great success in our sales department. We look forward to long working relationship with ProMax."

Patrick Allen, Sales Manager Warner Kia

"I found this old lamp in the back of my dealership the other day. While I was dusting it off some guy popped up and asked me what I would like. I told him many times about all the problems the dealership had keeping track of things.
I needed to track inventory, who bought what, cost, etc. I also needed real time numbers on salespeople, sales, and I really needed an excellent way to track all my prospects and not have to look at several programs just to write a deal.
Well, wouldn't you know the next thing I have this ProMax at my dealership and it does everything I wanted and more!
Once I realized that guy was a genie I don't want to complain but I am now missing out on a young blonde and a billion dollars.
So my advice to your dealership if you are struggling and find an old lamp, only ask for ProMax once!!."

Thor Stambaugh, Director, Automax of Toledo