ProMax Email 2.0

The ability to send compelling email messages to customers is essential to any CRM tool. Whether you're orchestrating a large campaign or sending vehicle details to a prospect from your phone, ProMax's award-winning solution has all the tools you need to succeed.


Email Campaigns

Supercharge your email marketing:

Bring your emails to life with our powerful web-based HTML editor:

  • Advanced analytics- All the data you need to conduct effective email marketing.  From Bounces to Opens to Clicks and much more, all with drilldown reporting that enables you to get as granular as you like.
  • ROI tracking- Clicks and opens are great, but how much gross did a campaign generate?  You’ll never have to wonder with our detailed ROI tracking.
  • A/B Testing- Truly take your marketing to the next level with easy-to-use A/B testing.  Try different subject lines or special offers and see what gets results.


Full featured editor

Bring your emails to life with our powerful web-based HTML editor:

  • Full Style Array-   Everything you could want for email composition is available in an intuitive menu including images, videos, tables, text styling, and a full color palette.
  • Advanced Linking - In addition to creating typical web links, you can build advanced links that can open Flash content, YouTube videos, popups, anchors, emails, or any kind of web resource.  
  • Paste Options - Many special paste options are available for copying text: paste, paste from Word, and the ability to paste HTML are all available to keep your formatting intact.

Effective Templates

Draw from our great selection of fully responsive messages that come pre-loaded in the system:

  • Readymade Messages -Want to get started right away?  Save time and money by using our turnkey follow-up solution including templates for any occasion.
  • Fully Customizable - Want to make it your own?  Drop in the variables you like and you can generate your own content with just a few clicks.
  • Appealing and Powerful - Our messages are designed to look great in all email clients, and display equally well on a desktop or a mobile phone.

Insert Vehicles and Images


Create messages that stand out and draw customers in:

  • Insert Inventory -Email 2.0 seamlessly integrates with your Inventory.  Search vehicles and include them in messages on the fly.
  • Linked Images  - Keep your images looking great without making them too large or weighing them down with attachments by using images referenced online.
  • Cloud Based Storage  - Build and draw from your online image library