Automotive Internet Lead Management (ILM)

ProMax’s Internet Lead Management (ILM) module enables auto dealerships to manage all their leads from one system, and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the award-winning ProMax package.  Say goodbye to leads slipping through the cracks  and having to manually enter data from multiple systems.  Take a look at some of the great features:

ProMax is a Certified Lead Management Provider for all major OEMs

OEM leads are sent directly to your system for the most accurate tracking and response time reporting. Want to improve your OEM response time? ProMax has you covered with customizable lead activity monitoring and reports. 

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Lead Delivery Options

The ProMax ILM system is configurable to your sales process, and works equally well for large dealerships with multiple rooftops and small car lots alike. Set up and manage each lead source differently, assigning leads to specific salespeople, staff on the lot, or use a round-robin system.

Duplicate Lead Handling

Dupe leads shouldn’t equal dupe payments to lead providers.  ProMax tracks and identifies your duplicate internet leads by source, and our robust ILM tool allows you to determine the type of dupe match that is performed and what action is taken. This powerful feature prevents you from having to pay multiple vendors for the same leads. ProMax comes with easy-to-use reports for tracking individual leads and lead sources that make end-of-month review a snap.

ProMax Automotive ILM Software - Duplicate Lead Summary Report

E-mail Templates, E-brochure, and Price Drop Alert

ProMax comes pre-loaded with professional looking e-mail templates and proposals, including the Price Drop Alert and the powerful E-brochure.  We’ve taken the hassle out of e-mailing your prospective buyers photos, vehicle information, and quotes


“The E-brochure has become the tool that separates my Internet Department from everyone else. Any dealer can reply with a basic email saying “come in for a quote” ...whereas I can send the customer a beautiful brochure with customized info on the vehicle plus a video attachment if I want!  

There is nothing like this on the market! All of our customers remember our dealership because the E-brochure stands out!  Thank you ProMax for all you do.”

Kyle Hager
Kia of Lincoln


Lead Notifications and Alerts

Receive and respond to lead notifications directly from your mobile device.  Set up ProMax to alert you via mobile or e-mail when leads are not being responded to by sales staff within a certain timeframe.  Set up alerts to be triggered only during store hours, or any time of day or night (required by some OEMs).  Stop the clock on leads directly from your smartphone or tablet and navigate to the Mobile Workscreen to begin working the lead immediately.

Automated Lead Responses

When prospective buyers inquire online, they want to know you’ve received their information.  ProMax offers multiple high quality auto-responders to create a great first impression of your dealership and get you one step closer to the sale.  Different responders using a variety of visual elements can be created for different sources, and they can be configured to be delivered on preset schedules.   

Automotive ILM Software - Lead Response by ProMax Unlimited

ProMax Lead Generation and selling tools. To schedule a demo, or to find out more about our Internet Lead Management solution, call us at 800-322-9034