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ProMax Compliance Package

One of the most important issues auto dealers face today is legal compliance. Automotive dealers are often the targets of lawsuits, audits, and fraud. When mistakes are made, the fines and costs are staggering.  We offer a Compliance Solution that protects your dealership, but doesn’t disrupt the sales process or require hours of management to ensure compliance. 

Nearly all automotive dealership compliance fines, penalties, litigation or arbitration decisions revolve around a single question. “Did the dealer do everything within reason to prevent this violation from occurring, and if so, where is the proof?”.  The ProMax Total Compliance Solution is easy to use and extremely effective. Quite simply, no one has a more complete and automated compliance solution in the automotive industry. Don’t put your business and reputation on the line with an incomplete product. Our solution will help protect your customers, your employees, you and your hard earned profits. With the ProMax Total Compliance Solution, nobody slips through the cracks!