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ProMax Unlimited - The Complete Solution

Automotive Desking Software
Conventional F&I
Special Finance
Integrated F&I Menus
Electronic Application Submission
Professional Proposals
Integrated Closing Tools

Automotive CRM/ILM
Round-Robin Lead Assignment
Smart Phone Integration
Dupe Lead Detection
Electronic E-Brochures
Integrated Selling Tools
Prospect & Sales reports

Automotive Inventory Management
DMS Integration
Website Data & Picture Exporting
NADA, Black Book & KBB  values
Automatic Inventory Updates
Multiple Customizable Reports
Dealer Website Integration

Red Flags  -  OFAC
Adverse Action  -  DNC
Risk-Based Pricing
FCRA  -  Safeguard Rules
Privacy Notice
Risk Based Pricing

ProMax Unlimited software and lead generation products are designed to help your dealership increase efficiencies, improve operations, manage inventory, analyze data, and optimize dealership performance on single or multiple roof tops.

Top Reasons why ProMax is the #1 choice for so many auto dealers:

Monthly Upgrades at No Charge
Every month ProMax continues to get better and better as we incorporate great ideas from some of the best and brightest dealers in the country.

Customizable to Your Dealership
ProMax allows a dealership to decide which employees will have what type of access, how their purchase proposal will look, configure F&I menus, information on prospect logs, etc.

Completely Integrated Modules and Open Platform
ProMax can eliminate the need for 5 systems.  Dealers, in many cases can replace several systems with ProMax, saving thousands and increasing productivity at the same time.

Completely Integrated Compliance Package
We make compliance easy and a natural part of your sales process.

Innovative CRM and ILM tools to Generate Low Cost Showroom Traffic
Turn existing customers and prospects you already paid for into tomorrow's sales.

A Highly Skilled Team
Great products mean nothing without equally outstanding product training and customer support.  ProMax has one of the most talented, dedicated, and professional teams of software developers, trainers, sales consultants, and tech support in the industry.  We won't stop or give up until your dealership and people are completely satisfied.

The Ultimate Desking Tool!
Any customer, any situation!

Conventional F&I
Just enter the stock # and hit the Enter key and ProMax will automatically calculate the deal and show profit.  As soon as you enter cash, trade, or change any of the deal terms, payment and profit fields are instantly recalculated!

Deal Search
Upside down payment buyer... Have any of these in your showroom last week?  Calculate and rollback thousands of vehicles and lender combinations in seconds!

Special Finance
The first true subprime searching capabilities for auto dealers and still the industry leader after 18 years!


ProMax Unlimited Automotive Desking Software

ProMax is the ultimate front end sales and management system that automatically matches the right vehicle with the right lender to maximize the profit opportunity of every potential customer. ProMax can calculate every vehicle in your inventory, by every finance source you wish, to determine which combinations qualify. In just seconds, you will be presented lender and vehicle combinations that meet the criteria of your customer, sorted by profit, of course!

We automatically update all subprime, lease, and Captive finance programs, plus factory rebates and residual values. We guarantee the accuracy! We make a mistake - we pay!

That's just the beginning! ProMax isn't just a fancy payment calculator; it will save you time, money, and help put together deals that would be lost using other systems. Integrated full color F&I Menus, multiple professional looking proposals, and effective closing tools are all available to help close every customer; while at the same time holding gross.

We'll also help save time submitting your payment calls or perfectly structured deals electronically. Our integrated credit application submission tool eliminates painstaking double-data-entry. An intuitive interface allows simultaneous submissions of different deals to different lenders directly through RouteOne, DealerTrack, and CUDL. Direct lender submissions to ACC, CAPS, and MarkOne are also available, along with the option of faxing to any lender you choose.

To schedule a live demo or to learn more about the ProMax Unlimited Automotive Desking Software suite - Call Today! (800)322-9037

Manage, analyze and optimize your biggest investment!

•  Automatic VIN decoding and book-out with NADA, KBB, Black Book, and residuals
•  Integrates with virtually all DMS systems
•  Automatically send inventory to your third party sites such as AutoTrader,, etc.
•  Simple new & used ROI reports
•  CarFax and Autocheck integrations
•  Cross dealer group inventory sharing for Desking and analysis
•  Integrated window stickers, book- out sheets, and FTC guides
•  Robust vehicle appraisal tool including real time Manheim values
•  Unlimited inventory photos & vehicle specific videos

ProMax Unlimited Automotive Inventory Management

The ProMax Inventory module was designed for auto dealers to professionally and accurately manage their inventory and related expenses. It contains everything you need, no matter the number of vehicles you sell!

Easy and Automated
ProMax integrates with virtually all DMS systems; automatically adding and removing vehicles each day. Most equipment need only be selected once from a master list to book-out cars for NADA, Blue Book, Black Book, and ALG.

We understand how important it is to showcase photos of your vehicles on the web. We allow you to upload unlimited photos for each vehicle using any of our batch upload processes. These vehicle photos can be exported to your dealer websites, utilized on ProMax proposals and EBrochure, as well as exported to any 3rd party company you request.

Dozens of existing and customized management reports can be computed in seconds, based on real-time data important to your dealership. Reports on profit and ROI show how you did last month versus where you're heading this month, broken down by vehicle age. At a glance, compare your current inventory mix with sales history.

To schedule a live demo or to learn more about the ProMax Automotive Inventory Management software suite - Call Today! (800)322-9034

Key CRM Features & Benefits

•  Electronic Guest Info, Test Drive, and Customizable forms available
•  Complete Showroom Traffic Control system to capture prospect information within seconds
•  Outbound call screen with priorities and scripts included
•  Exclusive follow-up and marketing campaigns
•  Compliance seamlessly Integrated into your sales process
•  Customer Workscreen shows chronological history detailing the steps of the sale from initial contact to delivery

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The ProMax Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software ensures no opportunity slips through the cracks.  Our comprehensive collection of web-based CRM tools ensure you make the most of all your advertising, leads, prospect and customer databases for maximum ROI and Showroom traffic.

We provide the tools needed for your sales staff to easily manage and follow up with their prospects and customers for new and repeat sales.  With no additional advertising expense, the ProMax automotive CRM and ILM solutions provide the technology to build and maintain happy and loyal customers.

ProMax delivers technology to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.  Simple daily work plans present your sales and BDC staff with tasks to complete for the day, based on follow-up and marketing campaigns tailored to your dealership.  All activities are tracked on dozens of available real time reports - as soon as it happens, you know about it!

Designed by Automotive Professionals, ProMax makes it easy to manage a single rooftop or an entire mega-dealer group.  Our Managers Dashboard gives you one place to access all of your critical data to effectively manage your dealership.

Call today for an on-line demo!  See for yourself the advantages of having your automotive CRM, ILM, Compliance, Inventory Management, and Desking software fully integrated in a single product.


Key ILM Features & Benefits

•  3rd Party and Certified Lead Importing
•  Customizable automated lead responders
•  Duplicate lead detection and reconciliation
•  Automatic "Round-Robin" lead assignment
•  Integrated e-mail templates, proposals, and EBrochure
•  Seamless integration with our Automotive Desking, Automotive CRM, and Inventory Management software modules

Automotive Internet Lead Management (ILM)

The ProMax Internet Lead Management (ILM) helps make the most of your advertising and allows dealers to manage everything from one system.

No more entering leads manually, using multiple systems, or missing out on valuable buyer information. Using our automated lead importing, responses, lead assignment, notifications, e-mail templates and EBrochure - All you need is a desire to receive and work your leads effortlessly.

OEM Certified Lead Management Provider

Trusted by OEM manufacturers, ProMax reports your lead dispositions automatically, just by utilizing the CRM and ILM features available.  Whether you are in the dealership or on-the-go, ProMax makes it simple to quickly respond to your incoming leads.

ProMax is a certified ILM for the following OEM manufacturers: GM, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, Subaru, Volkswagen, Toyota, Scion, Chrysler, Infinity, Fiat, Saab, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo.

Want to find out why our ILM solution is the 1st choice for so many dealers?  Call Today!  (800)322-9034

Save time & money by managing everything in ONE SYSTEM!
• Full integrated with ProMax Unlimited
• Custom designed graphics & layout
• Designed for effective SEO
• Inventory data and picture exporting to 3rd
party sites (AutoTrader,, etc.)
• Real-time inventory updates
• Excellent for single or multi-dealer groups
• Real-time site content management

ProMax Automotive Dealer Websites

Fully integrated with your ProMax System

Does your dealership pay for & utilize multiple systems for maintaining a dynamic website, inventory software, Internet lead management (ILM), customer relationship management (CRM), photo distribution, video capabilities and exporting inventory to 3rd party listings?  With ProMax and a ProMax Dealer Website, you can save yourself time and money by managing everything in ONE SYSTEM!

Driving more traffic & generating more sales is every auto dealer’s number one goal.  We provide state of the art automotive dealer websites that are custom designed and built for effective SEO.  Your uniquely branded website will provide a great first impression and effectively convert shoppers into buyers.

Not only do we offer professional websites, we provide an integrated approach for streamlining the management of your Internet department.

Don't currently have ProMax?  No problem.  If you are not a current ProMax customer we will provide your dealership with the same web based inventory and CRM/ILM software located in the full ProMax system.

To schedule a live demo or to learn more about the ProMax Automotive Dealer Websites - Call Scott Smith Today! 1-800-639-7760

In one easy-to-use system, ProMax Unlimited handles the following compliance issues:

• Red Flags Rules
• Fair Credit Reporting Act
• Safeguard Rules
• Can Spam Act
• Address Discrepancy Rules
• Privacy Notice Requirements
• Do Not Call Rules
• Record Retention
• OFAC Screening
• Adverse Action Notices
• Truth in Lending
• Record Disposal
• Digital Signature

Integrated Auto Dealer Compliance

Our compliance solution has you covered without interrupting your sales process. Every one of our compliance products and services has been designed from the end users perspective to help protect your hard earned profits.

As soon as you enter a customer into ProMax, and OFAC screen is immediately performed at no charge.  If there is a match, a box pops up warning the manager or salesperson.  Better to know before the demo ride!  In addition, a Privacy Notice is automatically generated.

Auto Dealers are required to implement and follow a written identity theft program.  When a credit report is pulled, our Red Flag technology screens the customer information against a national database and informs you if a customer may be using a false identity.  If the flag is green, nothing else is required; if yellow, "out of wallet" questions immediately pop up for further action.

Another benefit of obtaining credit reports in ProMax is the automatic generation of Risk Based Pricing Exception Notices.   We have designed an elegant and simple notice you can provide to your customers that complies with all federal regulations.

We also make it easy to provide Adverse Action Notices in credit situations where it is required.  ProMax helps you identify the need to send the notices, and we can automatically handle the mailing of the notices to ensure compliance.

Keeping your dealership compliant with a single software application ensures NOBODY slips through the cracks. Our numerous compliance review reports for your management staff makes internal monitoring a breeze.  In case of an audit, all actions are recorded (date and time stamped) along with digital copies of the actual signed and printed documents.

To schedule a live demo or to learn more about the ProMax Auto Dealer Compliance Package - Call Today!  (800) 322-9034

All of our products are fully integrated with ProMax automotive CRM software!

• MARKET THIEF - Trigger Leads

• PROLEADS - Internet Leads

• PROMAIL - Targeted Direct Mail

• BKONLINE - Bankruptcy lists

• PROLINK - Credit Hot-lines

• WEBSITES - Fully integrated Dealer Websites

• SPECIAL FINANCE WEBSITES - Generate leads & sales for your sub-prime department

Not using ProMax?  We will provide the ProMax CRM free of charge.

ProMax Lead Generation Products

ProMax lead generation products were designed by automotive professionals and are proven to help fill your pipeline with quality prospects.  Each unique product has been crafted to give your dealership the competitive edge in a demanding market place.

All our effective lead generation products integrate seamlessly with the ProMax CRM and ILM tools and features.  By creating a consistent sales process, allowing you to measure results, ensuring proper follow-up, creating a culture of accountability, encouraging customer loyalty and most important, increase sales and profits.  Our goal is your dealership's success!

From state-of-the-art dealer websites, high response direct mail, targeted trigger leads, credit hot-lines and sub-prime Internet Leads, we will track the effectiveness of every advertising dollar spent with our extensive list of reports built into every system.  As soon as it happens, you know about it!

To schedule a demo or to learn more about the ProMax Unlimited Lead Generation Products and Services - Call Today!  (800) 322-9034


Track and record all your incoming sales calls with precision!

• Fully integrated with ProMax CRM software
• Detailed reports that measure effectiveness
• Voice file attached to each prospect in your ProMax CRM
• Alerts for missed calls
• All calls can be recorded
• Whisper feature captures advertising source
• Vanity, toll free, and local numbers available

ProMax Call Manager

Can you pinpoint the effectiveness of your advertising sources?
If not you are probably wasting money and losing buyers...  Call Manager is the answer!

WHAT is Call Manager?
A live call tracking system that will allow you to track with precision the effectiveness of each advertising source your dealership uses.

HOW does Call Manager work?
We provide a toll free number for each advertising source your dealership uses. You decide where each number will be directed within your dealership. We can also record each call that can be accessed and listened to whenever you want.

WHY Call Manager will benefit your dealership!
No more guessing how well each advertising source is working. No more wondering how well your reps are handling incoming leads. Call Manager tracks and records each and every call making sure you maximize your allocation of advertising dollars and handling of incoming leads.

To schedule a live demo or to learn more about call tracking with ProMax Call Manager - Call Scott Smith Today! 1-800-639-7760

Direct Reseller of all 3 Major Credit Bureaus!

• Pull 1, 2, or all 3 bureaus at once
• Superfast, reports returned in 2-3 seconds
• All 3 bureaus on ONE bill
• Reports stored forever
• Integrated Red Flag, Out of wallet questions, and RBP Exception Notices
• Will drop codes in DT & R1

Automotive Credit Reports with Benefits!

ProMax Unlimited is one of only three companies in the United States that is a direct reseller of all three credit bureaus.  This gives us the unique opportunity to not only save your dealership money on credit reports and compliance costs, but also provide your dealership unique products and services you can get nowhere else.  Pulling all credit reports in ProMax will help you sell more cars at higher grosses!

We make it fast and easy for you to pull and store credit reports on all prospective customers.  Because we maintain lifetime retention of all reports, you can easily refer back to it without running it a second time.  We provide management reports so you can filter and sort your entire database by credit bureau score for direct mail and email campaigns.

ProMax is not just an application and credit bureau machine; it's a tool to help your dealership get more deals approved.  By utilizing ProMax to pull your credit reports, you gain access to auto dealer specific tools.  Our Income and Debt Ratio Analyzer automatically groups open accounts for a productive customer review.  Finding an extra $50 a month will help you hold gross and provide room for finance products.

We offer a wide array of credit related products to keep your credit reporting costs down.

Instant Screen is an industry first pre-screening tool.  Get your prospects FICO™ score with: NO signature or authorization required!  NO social security number required!  No inquiry of their credit bureau!

Auto Summary gives your managers valuable information they need to hold gross.  Instantly know the exact interest rate of your prospect's trade as soon as they pull credit.

Credit Pipeline monitors rejected prospect's scores, notifying you when their score has reached your approval level.

To receive a live demo of ProMax or to find out how much we can lower your credit bureau costs - Call Today! (800)322-9034

Credit Bureaus with Benefits

• Pull 1, 2, or all 3 bureaus at once

• Superfast, bureaus in 2-3 seconds

• All 3 bureaus on ONE bill

• Bureaus stored forever

• Integrated Red Flag score and Out of wallet questions

• Will drop codes in DT & R1

Direct Reseller of all Credit Bureaus!

ProMax makes it fast and easy for you to pull and store credit bureau reports on all prospective customers.

 ProMax Unlimited automatically stores reports for you and places them into a credit bureau analysis report for your monthly review. With ProMax Unlimited you can also filter and sort your entire data base by credit bureau score for direct mail and email campaigns.

 Most ProMax Unlimited users will be able to lower credit bureau costs. Call today to learn about potential savings.