All New Manager Features

All of the information you need on or off the lot!
Robust reporting and dashboards enable managers to view, sort, filter and evaluate every opportunity at the dealership- get the exact information you need, like closing ratios and KPIs, whenever and wherever you need it.
Past Due Followup

All New! View opportunities so nothing slips through the cracks; drill down to individual employees

Daily Workplan

See everyone’s workplan; track tasks while you’re out on the lot

Management Reports

Store Traffic Report, Appointment Log, SMS History Report, and more. Get the data you need no matter where you are


Access the Unbooked Inventory Report and add or edit vehicles

Working Deals

Check in on deals in progress and monitor gross, payment, and price

Easy Login

Biometric logins utilizing face ID or thumbprint. And much more- we're adding more reports and functionality all the time!

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All of your sales activities at your fingertips!

Want to log an up anywhere on or off the lot by scanning a Driver’s License?
Need to respond to a lead in the Message Center and schedule a Monday appointment when you’re at the park on Sunday?
On the lot and need to check in on your Workplan and send some emails and texts?
Want to check inventory and send out an e-Brochure?
The ProMax App has got you covered! The ProMax App is available as a native app in the App Store and Google Play Store.


Simple and easy to use interface

EZ Up and Driver’s License Scan- New & Improved interface! Log ups from anywhere

Message Center - see new leads and stop the clock immediately with New & Improved texting and email functionality

Workscreen - New & Improved interface! Access all the customer info you need

VIN Scan - New & Improved! scan the VIN from your device and view all Inventory

Workplan - manage all of your work from anywhere; complete tasks and make notes, it’s easier than ever


Increase Productivity

The ProMax App can be used on any smartphone or tablet. All of your ProMax configurations and settings are fully supported in the App, so there is no additional setup required. If a salesperson can’t access a feature in ProMax, they can’t access it on the App. The ProMax App is built to be small and fast yet secure, so you can access live data in ProMax from any location.

Get all your vital information at your fingertips, including dashboards, appointments and tasks, notifications and messages, as well as lead and customer statuses

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