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NADA 2023

At ProMax, we believe automotive is an industry worth fighting for— we are putting our money where our mouth is and launching our new platform is only the beginning.

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Tired of juggling your Frankenstack of vendors?
Best-in-class CRM, Desking, Inventory Management, Data Mining, and more - all in one place. No more hopping from platform to platform- increase efficiencies and lower costs simultaneously.
Is your Road-to-the-Sale (or Dealership) Compliant?
It is with Stack.
Does the looming FTC ruling have you worried? Don't sweat it. You better believe ProMax has built our platform with compliance as a key focus in three key areas: Data, Credit, and FTC compliance.
Access, store, and protect credit data right from your CRM
We are the only Value-Added Reseller of all three credit bureaus with integrated Credit, CRM, and Desking in the retail auto industry, and no vendor can match our seamlessly integrated compliance package.
Pre-Order and In-Transit Vehicle Management
Vehicle Management
Are pre-pandemic inventory levels a thing of the past? We certainly hope not--but we do know the game has changed, but your CRMs haven't. Within Stack we have built specific processes that allow you to track, manage, follow-up, and sell more of these vehicles more profitably.
The future of Automotive CRM is here,
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