Car Sales

The Virtual Showroom - Maximizing Profits

Tuesday, July 14th at 10:30 A.M. CST

4 industry experts provide insights and tips for success with the virtual showroom

  • Tips for Success with the virtual showroom
  • Negotiating with proposals
  • Closing the deal on payment
  • Virtual F&I and Compliance process
  • Contract signing for prime and sub-prime with STIPS
  • Selling VSC and GAP
  • And more!

Our Expert Panel

  • Rick Brubaker

    Rick Brubaker

    Regional Sales Manager at ProMax

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  • Bob Herdon

    Bob Herndon

    Regional Business Development Manager, RouteOne

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  • Eric Miltsch

    Eric Miltsch

    Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, Dealer Teamwork

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  • Mike Dyer

    Mike Dyer

    President, Key Profit Solutions

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